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Insomnia Afterparty Setcast #061

Armando Jaimes [dJMS]
Live @ Mexico City 9 Mar 2013

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01. Sweet Dreams
02. Party Non-Stop
03. My Love
04. In Da Freaks
05. Call On Me
06. In The Ghetto
07. Grindhouse
08. Do You Like Bass
09. Sunkiss
10. Right Here, Right Now
11. Memories
12. Riders On The Storm
13. Good Time
14. Spectrum
15. Cuentale
16. I Said Hey Boys Hey Girls
17. Un Mundo Rolling Stone Diferente T-Shirt (Mexican House Cartel Mashup)
18. Technologic Rattle
19. My House
20. Change The System
21. Miss You
22. Lovely Day
23. Ode To Oi
24. Too Late
25. I Have A Dragon Free Dream At Last (Armando Jaimes Mashup)
26. Minima
27. Selected La La Land (dJMS Mashup)
28. Lazer Beams
29. Nasty Girl
30. Bullet In The Gun
31. Mentos

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